July 2012: Richard Crow: "The man who paints the stars"

From a very early age, Richard had an interest in art. Despite no formal training, his passion and natural talent for painting has led to his career today.
His work has evolved over time, now mainly painting in oils and usually on large canvases. Richard prefers painting portraits but occasionally he will explore landscapes through his brush. Richard's style of painting depends very much on his mood: "If I feel a bit energetic I like to plaster the paint on with a bit of aggression, often using just a palette knife and no brush. Other times, I like to paint more realistically with a brush."

However he paints, he likes to complete a piece as swiftly as possible, preferring to keep his subject "fresher and not too ‘overworked’".

Evident in his exhibition pieces of two iconic British musicians, his favourite subjects are well known faces; "especially the more weathered ones with strong shadows and dramatic lighting".

Richard concludes, “Now I’m lucky enough to be semi-retired, I can pretty much pick and choose what I do and I spend the majority of my free time doing what I love: painting.”

Richard has recently submitted his work for consideration to the BBC's art critic programme 'Show me the Monet' and you can visit his website to explore his full gallery and commission details at http://www.artistrichardcrow.co.uk/

Title: Yesterday (Sir Paul McCartney)
Medium: Oil on canvass
Size: 3’ x 2’
Price: £740 framed

Title: Golden Years (David Bowie)
Medium: Oil on canvass
Size: 3’ x 2’
Price: £400 framed