July 2012: Katarina Nyman: Ascot in my heart

Katarina is originally from Sweden and moved to the UK 11 years ago. She has always been drawing and painting and moving to the UK gave her the opportunity to fulfil her dreams and study fine art. In 2006, after 4 years of studies, she completed her BA Hon in Fine Art at Amersham & Wycombe College and she is now working as a full time practising artist.

This exhibition piece is part of an ongoing exploration into how it feels to move to another country, where you sometimes get the feeling that you are looking in on a different world than the one you know.

Katarina says, “In some ways, Sweden and the UK are very much the same but in others there is a wide gap between the two and I am working on a series of paintings to describe this. This piece is for me very much a representation of life in the UK and something that never would happen in Sweden.”

Title: Ascot in My Heart

Media: Oil on canvas
Size: 30 cm x 100 cm
Price £998