July 2012: Graham Lester: Our incredible Paper mate

Graham is a talented and busy man living in Chesham. He has worked with paper as a media for some time whilst running his own creative design company, and from time to time has been commissioned to produce paper sculptures for display work and other promotions.

Recently he has focused more on using paper as a decorative art form to express ideas, both free standing and behind glass for wall hanging. Each piece is individually assembled, using paper that is cut, bent, folded, curled, and glued in position to create a 3D effect of the required subject.

It is this intricate detail that makes his pieces such a talking point and a pleasure to exhibit. But, not only does he work in paper, Graham also makes sculptures in wood and stone. His talent has been put to good use in the past, having demonstrated his skills at John Lewis and exhibited his work at numerous galleries across the region. You can see his craftsmanship in a variety of media at http://www.woodcarve.co.uk/

Title: Cornish Sardines
Medium: Paper Sculpture
Size: 32 x 42 cm
Price: £230

Title: Great British Ice Cream
Medium used: Paper Sculpture
Size: 32 x 42cm
Price: £230

Title: Colmers Hill Dorset
Medium: Paper Sculpture
Size: 37 x 37cm
Price: £220