May 2010: Exhibiting Artists: Gonkar Gyatso

Gonkar Gyatso was born in 1961 in Lhasa, Tibet. He studied Fine Art in Beijing and finished his Master studies in London at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Based in London and New York, he is the founder of the Contemporary Tibetan Art Gallery, The Sweet Tea House, dedicated to promoting contemporary Tibetan art and bringing together artists from inside Tibet and from abroad, regardless of their political stand, situation, background and education.

He was selected to take a part in the 53rd Venice Biennial 2009. His work has been internationally published and exhibited in galleries and museums including: The Chinese National Art Gallery (Beijing), The Kangra Museum (India), The Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Scotland), the Courtauld Institute of Art (London), the Wereld Museum Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Colorado University Art Museum and Collections (USA). Gyatso’s art proposes insightful statements on cultural hybridity of globalisation as well as the sea change of the world set to come.

"Buddha Sakyamuni" 2008
"Buddha in Modern Times" 2008

To purchase any of the works displayed at our exhibition and to raise funds for the Dallaglio Foundation please email for further information.

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