May 2010: Exhibiting Artists: Faile

Faile was formed in 1999, in Brooklyn (New York), as a trio of Patrick McNeill (Canada), Patrick Miller (USA) who were later joined by AIKO (from Japan). More recently, the two Patrick's have become the recognised face of Faile. Their collaboration has taken inspiration from the detritus of city walls. The decay of advertising and fly posting provides a platform to present their own take on the world of found imagery. These recognisable pop culture images are visible in their large-scale canvas works, representing a rich collage of the urban experience. In the spirit of collage, they've diversified into other areas including sculpture and bookmaking yet their work remains heavily indebted to printmaking and stencilling traditions.

Their first projects on the street had the title 'A Life', of which their name Faile was an anagram. The name was also an acknowledgement of the inevitable process of deterioration that an artwork suffered when exposed to the elements. More recently they have taken a detour from the streets into legal work and sell-out shows in galleries.

"My Confessions" 2008

To purchase any of the works displayed at our exhibition and to raise funds for the Dallaglio Foundation please email for further information.

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