May 2010: Exhibiting Artists: Adam Bridgland

Described as ‘your favourite leisure time artist’, Adam Bridgland embraces the everyday object finding inspiration from the colouring book image, travel guidebooks, and scout camping paraphernalia. Kitsch and humorous, yet equally poignant, Bridgland’s work rejoices in the mundane and is an investigation of the notion that holiday-making is just another ordinary everyday activity and that the holiday is essentially a fantasy that rarely lives up to our expectations. Since graduating from his Masters in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in 2006, Bridgland has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. The British Museum, the V&A, UBS and Debbie Harry are just some of the collectors of his work.

"Shall We Go Home With The Tide" 2008
"Nine for a Kiss" 2009

To purchase any of the works displayed at our exhibition and to raise funds for the Dallaglio Foundation please email for further information.

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